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早前城泉CEO Ada接受香港電台節目《新人類大世界》邀請,與主持彥彥及聽眾分享專利設計嘅智能水機Well井,並邀請了「我的海洋2050」學生水樽設計比賽嘅得獎者陳敏俐同學 (香港紅十字會甘迺迪中心)一起上節目分享城泉的學校活動及網絡。

Ada, our CEO shared Urban Spring’s story at a programme of RTHK hosted by Andrew Wu and talked about Well#, also invited the Winner of We Care We Carry – School Bottle Design Competition, Chan Man Li (Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre) talked about Well# and the education programmes.